Our city

Our God is on mission. The beauty of His mission is that he invites every believer to join in. There is no greater joy to be found than abandoning your own mission and joining the everyday mission of God. Here at Northside we accomplish that through equipping every believer to live on mission in the city God has placed him or her, and encouraging involvement with our strategic local partnerships.

Live on Mission

Living on mission is not necessarily about going to a specific place—it’s about being intentional wherever you are. So how do WE live as missionaries in the CITIES that God has placed us?!? 

  • SEE PEOPLE as Jesus sees people
  • SERVE PEOPLE as Jesus serves people
  • SPEAK the GOOD NEWS about Jesus
  • SIT BACK and watch God do work

Obviously, all of that is easier said than done, especially when it comes to “Speaking the good news about Jesus!” Many have asked us...how do I do that? How can I speak the good news about Jesus in a way that is non-threatening...and not WEIRD??? The “THREE CIRCLES” Life Conversation Guide is a tool that we use to teach Northsiders to do just that.

3 Circles Evangelism.png

In addition to every believer “living on mission” where God has place him or her...we also encourage every “Northsider” to get involved in our strategic local partnerships in our city. These local partnerships give us ample opportunities to serve our city well. The local partnerships that we currently have are:

Our Local Partnerships

  • Grove Way: serving our local community in Roswell, GA by providing a loving and stable after school environment teaching the Bible and building relationships with families within our community. Find out more about Grove Way here.
  • One Such Child: our adoption and orphan care ministry that works alongside trusted organizations like FaithBridge Foster Care and others to mobilize, organize, and equip local churches to solve their community’s foster care crisis. Find out more about One Such Child here.
  • North Fulton Community Charities: NFCC assists families with basic needs such as food, rent and utilities, clothing, and adult education classes during short term emergencies. Learn more about North Fulton Community Charities here..

Our strategy to reach our city and meet practical needs is accomplished through every believer at Northside living on mission where God has placed him or her, and getting involved with Groveway Ministry and/or One Such Child.