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Identify, assess, train, and deploy individuals for church leadership.

Participants in this program will invest their time and gifting at Northside, while others may feel called to help revitalize or plant new churches.

Level 1 of the Leadership Pipeline is foundational for those who sense a calling to be engaged in church leadership, planting, and revitalization. The first year of development will be devoted to Personal Development and Theological Formation. Level 1 topics include spiritual formation, calling, evangelism, gifts/passions, self-awareness, communication, leadership, Bible fluency, understanding church structure, and biblical community.

Level 2 of the Leadership Pipeline continues to develop individuals while giving the “intern” opportunities to lead. The second year focuses on missiology and disciple-making. Level 2 topics include church planting, understanding context, relationships, biblical communication, teamwork, multiplying leaders, spiritual readiness, making a difference, making disciples, and missionary practice.

Who Can apply?

Men who demonstrate the qualities outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and desire training and instruction toward pastoral leadership.

What qualities are important in an applicant?

The number one quality of an applicant is humility. We are looking for teachable men, ready for molding, transformation, and equipping.


  • Program runs from September to May
  • Completion of application and initial assessment tool
  • 2 hours of online learning each week
  • Meetings each month with coach
  • 7 large group meetings


  • Online curriculum
  • Monthly coaching
  • Service opportunities within Northside Church

How do I sign up?

  1. Attend the interest meeting on August 13 at 9am in the small chapel
  2. Complete the online application by August 20
  3. Complete pre-assessment
  4. Receive approval from a Northside elder, and then begin online learning on September 5th.