At Northside Church, we believe every believer is a missionary and a disciple-maker that seeks to multiply disciples and community groups.  We want every leader within Northside to train in the same missional and multiplication principles, whether or not you experience a calling from the Lord to be sent out of Northside to plant, pastor, or to join a church planting or revitalizing team one day.

Northside Leadership Pipeline_small.jpg

Mission Overview:

  • Level One (L1) – The goal of L1 is to develop individuals in their spiritual formation, biblical knowledge, and missional living, to become a stronger disciple.
  • Level Two (L2) – The purpose of L2 is to advance a disciple into missional leadership and disciple-making, while exploring a call to church planting as a planter or team member.
  • Level Three (L3) – The design of L3 is to help potential church planters prepare for assessment and to explore methods and models of church planting.

Format Commitment:

  • Training runs from September to May.
  • Online-based training that will guide individuals through approx. 2 hours of weekly homework.
  • 1 Large Group meeting quarterly, at 6am on the Northside campus.
  • 2 Small Group meetings per month with trained coaches to foster growth & accountability.
  • Men & Women utilize the same training program but will meet separately for group meetings.

Qualifications & Expectations:

  • Humble, teachable, eager for molding, transformation and equipping.
  • L1 – Northside Member, Giving consistently, Apprenticing or Leading in a community group (Men or Women)
  • L2 – Northside Member, Giving consistently, Leading in a community group (Men or Women)
  • L3 – Northside Servant Leader, Leading a community group, Seeking pastoral leadership (Men)

What Pipeline is NOT:

  • A Bible Study
  • Deep Theological Training: While we will touch on basic theology at times, other options are available through Northside for those that seek further theological training.
  • A Men’s or Women’s Ministry Group: While participants will be connecting with one another through the training journey, this is more than relational connection event. 

How to Get Started:

  • Fill out Northside Application below.
  • Once accepted, you will be invited to register for training and complete an online assessment to help determine training level.
  • Once the training level is determined, training content and coach will be assigned.

For the 2018-2019 year, the online application must be completed by august 19, 2018