At Northside, we desire to equip each other through linking ladies together to grow spiritually and relationally as we study God’s Word to be a part of a gospel-centered community on mission. We urge you to join a Community Group, doing life together with other believers and then take advantage of our opportunities designed specifically for women to be further equipped and encouraged.

Some ways we're doing this include:

Ladies Pipeline

Purpose // The ladies pipeline is designed for in depth discipleship with a coach. The purpose of the Pipeline is to not only equip us to live and lead on mission in whatever context God has placed us in, both in the church and in our personal lives, but to also grow closer to Jesus and look more like Him as we walk this journey together over the next calendar year.

Format // Participants will be placed in a small group of other ladies and assigned a coach. The goal is for your small group to meet twice a month to discuss not only what you are learning, challenges, etc within the context of the pipeline content, but also to do life together. This will be a great time for personal discipleship, accountability, and growth as a group. In addition to our small group meetings, we'll meet as a large group once a month on Sunday evenings.

Content // The content we will study is a compilation of material put together by a team at NAMB (the North American Mission Board) to focus on Spiritual Formation, Bible Fluency, Spiritual Design, Evangelism, Relationships, Understanding Church, and Servant Leadership. Participants will log onto an online portal each week to go through the Pipeline content. Please remember, Pipeline is not a bible study, but more so a study and application of spiritual disciplines that will equip us to lead and live on mission. There will be reading, writing, watching videos, scripture memory and more involved. We expect to put in an average of at least 2 hours a week worth of work. Some weeks may be less, some may be more. We are well aware that this will be a commitment, but we believe it will be so worth it. 

Cost // Although there is not a cost for Pipeline itself, there is an assessment that each of us will take before we receive our log in information for the online portal. This assessment will give our coach an idea of where we are starting out in various areas and will then allow each of us to assess growth at the end. The fee for this assessment is $32 and will be charged when you are ready to take it. 

Timeline // The deadline to register for the Ladies Pipeline is Wednesday, July 25th. Register by clicking the green link below. The Ladies Pipeline will run parallel to the school calendar. Our first large group meeting will be on Sunday evening, August 26 at Northside. At this meeting you will meet your group and coach. The Pipeline will wrap up before May. 


We would love to help connect you with others ladies in our church. This closed group where we can find out about things happening at church as well as with other Northside ladies during the week. 

* Please note: our Facebook group is run by a volunteer moderator who manually approves each request to join. Thanks for your patience.