At Northside we believe life is intended to be lived in community. Our Community Groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week. Below you will find our current groups. Connect with a group by emailing the group leader or ask someone at our Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings to introduce you. Our group leaders would love the opportunity to welcome you.

Group Rhythms

As a group leader or co-leader, you’re entrusted with the care and oversight of your group toward a growing relationship with Jesus, one-another, and our community. Although you are not required to be the agent of the following for every member of your group, you should take responsibility to make sure each item is occurring:

Participation - What is happening in our community that we can be a part of?
Service - How can we serve inside and/or outside our church?
Hospitality - How can we share meals and invite others into community?
Fellowship - How will we practice Bible study, prayer, worship, care, and confession together?

Content for Fellowship Component of Groups

Three options are available for Bible study.  

  • Sermon-based discussion - Group participants take notes during sermons, and group leaders develop questions based on the content and application of the sermon.
  • Good books - Groups read through a chapter per week of a good book. Any book in the Northside Resource Center is okay, and other tiles should be approved by a pastor before the study starts. The group leader develops questions based on the content of the book. A list of recommended resources can be found here.
  • The Bible - Groups can read through portions of the Bible and develop questions based on the passages.

Childcare reimbursement

At Northside, we believe community is a vital component to our faith. We want to invest in families at Northside and help moms and dads gather for prayer, care, and study. We will reimburse:

  • Group leaders who secure childcare workers for their group meeting
  • Group members who secure an in-home babysitter for their regular group gathering

Northside will reimburse at the following rates:

1 child - $18

2 children - $25

3+ children - $30