Galatians 3:23-29

The Law as our Tutor
As he continues his commentary of works of the law as opposed to faith in the promise, Paul now contrasts the personal applications effects those two approaches have on people. Paul uses the imagery of prison and custody to describe the plight of those under the law. The Law "has become our tutor" and pointed us to Christ so that we can be justified by faith and be released from the bondage of the law. When Paul says that "before faith came," he does not mean that there was a time before salvation by faith but instead to communicate the period in redemptive history when great numbers of people, especially Gentiles, came to faith through the preaching of God's Word.

Paul paints the beautiful picture of being baptized into Christ and being clothed with Christ instead of being clothed by our own merits. In Christ, there is equal footing so that gender, free or slave, or Jew or Gentile has no bearing on access to the gospel. All believers are all one in Christ Jesus and all spiritual blessings, resources, and promises are freely given to all who believe unto salvation. The Law exposes our depravity before God but it also points us to the Savior. The blessing and spiritual promise of eternal salvation that was given to Abraham are also given to those who belong to Christ.

This week's posts were written by Myles & Gabe Chatham