I hope this week has been helpful in demonstrating how to read, understand, and apply the Bible to your life. What would it look like if every Northsider read the Scriptures and acted in obedience to what we learn? Wow! We can do this!

We'll pick up on Monday in Galatians 2. Going forward, here are five helpful tips in reading the Scriptures:


Take time before and after you read to humble yourself before the Lord in prayer. Prayer is less about trying to manipulate the hand of God and more about exercising dependence on Him. As we bow low in our hearts before the Lord, and demonstrate that we need the Lord and His words, He will speak to our hearts. A pre-reading prayer could be as simple as, "Lord, you alone are truly holy, true, and good. You are powerful, and I'm grateful for your Scriptures. Help me to see you as you truly are, and see myself as I truly am."


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This cliché statement is often true. Playing Bible roulette and randomly flipping to Bible verses isn't a recipe for consistency. These three plans may work well for you:


Choosing the best time and place will help you remain consistent in reading. My personal time is first thing at work each morning. I choose not to work on my job responsibilities until I've finished my daily set aside time with the Lord. Maybe your time is at home right after you get ready in the morning. You may be a night person, and can concentrate best before heading to bed.


Much of the Scriptures are written to groups of people. Therefore, it would make sense that we would read the Bible alongside others. Reading with others provides accountability and insight. Have you asked another person to read along with what you're reading? If a friend already has a plan, read along with them.