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Hurricane Harvey Relief Team Update

Hurricane Harvey Relief Team Update

Hurricane Harvey Relief Team // Photos

Check out these photos from our team of Northsiders who went to Houston to serve families whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Harvey.  The work was hard - they cleared out and cleaned up homes, some of which had not been touched since the Hurricane hit 5 weeks ago. They cleared out moldy carpet and furniture, removed flooring and cut the sheetrock 4 feet off the floor or above the flood line. Then they sprayed with Shockwave - a mold killer that also prevents mold from growing back.

The people NAMB/Send Relief helps are all people that do not have insurance and/or can’t afford to build back after the damage... there are more than you can believe... 

They closed each mud out with a prayer with all the helpers and home owners holding hands in a circle. It's amazing to see so many people volunteering from so many different states... they were joined by people from KY, AZ, NC, MO, WA, MI, CA, AR and GA!