Discussion Questions

-Take a moment to read Northside’s belief’s statement ( Do you have any questions about these? 

-What are some of the reasons that Paul was addressing head coverings with the Corinthians? 

-We don’t have “dress codes” at Northside, but what do you think is proper attire for worship? What would be “improper”?

-What is your general posture toward authority? (In regards to God’s authority over all, authority that God has given to elders and pastors in the church, and the authority that God has given husbands over their families?) Where have you seen or experienced authority used properly? 

-Read 11:17-34 - What does this passage say about the meaning of communion?

-Does it address anything about communion that you haven’t known or recognized before? 

-What does it mean to take communion in an “unworthy manner”, and how you think we should “examine ourselves”?