1 Corinthians Week 2 - Sermon May 5, 2019


  1. Grow up in your understanding of the gospel 3:1-9; 1:10-17

  2. Grow up in your application of the gospel 3:10-15

  3. Grow up in the wisdom of God 3:16-23

  • What are the crucial points of the gospel message? (Hint: LDBR, arrow/cross/arrow)

  • What is the difference between “milk” and “solid food?” Do you ever find it difficult to dig into solid food?

  • Do people in Christian culture often get too caught up in following earthly leaders? What is the danger in becoming infatuated with earthly leaders?

  • Do you find it difficult to trust God with the work He is doing through you? Why do we struggle with trust? (think - power, comfort, approval, control)

  • What kind of work do you think will burned up? (3:12-13)

  • What are some keys to doing “surviving work?”

  • How can we grow in the wisdom of God?