1. We fight because of misdirected passion v1-4

  2. Godly humility is the first step to peace v5-6

  3. How do we move toward walking in peace? V7-12

Discussion Questions:

  • Anyone care to share a fight that you had that didn’t seem humorous at the time, but now looking back you can laugh at it? Maybe you fought with a roommate, spouse, kid, etc. How did it resolve? 

  • What kind of misdirected passion did you see in fights you had? What kind of selfish ambition did you have? 

    • Is it interesting that it is easy to look back and see your selfish ambition, but difficult to see the selfish ambition in our current conflict?

  • What does godly humility look like? Who do you know that has been an example of humility to you? How can we better exemplify humility?

  • Why is humility so important in conflict?

  • How can the three steps to Christian conflict resolution help us? At work, in our home, in the area where we live?