• Have a group member read Exodus 2:1-10 aloud. Then have another group member read Acts 7:17-22.

  • How does the account in Acts add to your understanding of the account in Exodus?


  • What purpose does this “scene” in the life of Moses serve? How does it look back to what has already occurred and prepare us for what is to come?

  • The Hebrew midwives feared God more than Pharaoh. How do we see others demonstrate the same kind of bravery in this scene?

  • As we will see throughout the book of Exodus, Moses foreshadows Christ. What similarities can you find between the birth story of Moses and the birth story of Jesus? Scan through Matthew 2:1-18 to help with your answer.


  • Moses’ parents see a hopeless situation turn into a hope-filled one by the sovereign hand of God. How have you seen God do this in your own life?

  • Exodus 2 describes the birth of hope. Have a group member read Romans 15:13 aloud. Why is it important to remember that we serve a God who fits this description? How should it change the way we regard people or situations that seem beyond hope?


What attribute of God did you see in this week’s passage that particularly struck you? How should it change the way you pray, think, speak or act this week?