• Have a group member read Exodus 5 aloud.

  • What one word would you use to describe the tone of chapter 5? Why?


  • Moses obediently goes to Egypt to confront Pharaoh. What do you think Moses expected to happen? What is surprising about the outcome? What is unsurprising?

  • What tactic does Pharaoh employ to undermine Moses? Why is it effective?

  • What does Moses’ response to God in 5:22-23 reveal about his state of mind? About his faith?


  • How does this week’s text challenge the idea that our obedience obligates God to bless us and grant us an easy life? How does it challenge the idea that the Christian life is free from doubt?

  • How prone are you to discouragement when obedience to God does not yield an immediate, discernible blessing? What is a better motive for obedience than to gain a reward?


What attribute of God did you see in this week’s passage that particularly struck you? How should it change the way you pray, think, speak or act this week?