Inside the Ladies' Bible Study - by Jennifer Critser

To equip.  Simply stated, that is the purpose of any gathering, bible study, dinner together, weekend away, coffee, or any other time that we come together as women of Northside.  We want to equip each other or supply what is necessary for a particular purpose or task that the Lord has called us to.  And please be confident in this….He has called you to a purpose and it involves gospel, community, and mission.  

Here is a small piece of what you missed if you weren’t with us.  Last week Laurie started us off with the question of who is John Mark?  She walked us through his life that was radically changed by the life of Jesus.  She shared about the word “immediately" and how it was used 42 times in the book of Mark and how Jesus is calling us to an immediate response to follow after him.  She challenged us to memorize Mark 10:45.  

Lucy shared her story with us this week through the story of the paralytic.  She challenged us to know the truths regarding our identity, eternity and community so we can recognize the lies.  What a sweet time the last two Wednesday nights have been for me to sit and hear the testimony of the gospel at work in the life of Laurie and then this week from Lucy.  As we walk together through the book of Mark the Lord reveals who He is, who I am in Him, His authority, His tenderness, His glory.  

If you haven’t joined us yet we welcome you this coming Wednesday!