I have those four letters in my sermon notes every week. Each time I share a message from the Bible, I want to remind us of the grand story that God is unfolding over the course of time.

C - Creation
God created the world, and made us in His image. As His image bearers, we are valuable and significant because of whose we are. God has a design for the world that leads to our joy and His glory. We were created in live in peace with ourselves, others, the created world, and with God Himself.

F - Fall
This world is broken. It’s beautiful, but broken. Although we were created to live in peace and joy, sin breaks our relationship with ourselves, others, the created world, and with God. We all go on a search to find a way out of that brokenness. We chase the idols of comfort, control, power, and acceptance in order to feel that peace and significance that we were designed for.

R - Redemption
In an act of love and for His own glory, God the Father sent His Son Jesus into the brokenness. Jesus came to save sinners. He lived a perfect life on our behalf, and died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. We deserve the judgment and wrath of God, but Jesus died in our place. Jesus rose from the grave victorious over sin, sickness, and death. This entire redemptive work of Jesus is the act and message that can transform individuals, families, communities, cities, and nations. The greatest problem in this world is separation from God and the brokenness that results. In the gospel work, Jesus is the answer to our ultimate challenge. We are called to respond to the gospel in repentance and faith. 

G - Glory
This world is not all that there is. Jesus spoke a message of the Kingdom of God - a people and a place with no sin or separation from God. As we believe together the gospel, and press into the brokenness of the world with the message of the gospel in the power of the Spirit, we grow the Kingdom here on earth. But this Kingdom is not yet complete. It’s “already here but not yet.” When Jesus returns, the dead will raise to be judged once and for all, and those who are in Christ co-inherit the eternal Kingdom with Christ.

This may seem like deep truths. Perhaps you’ve relegated theological thought to the margins of your perspective. However, this CFRG story forms the biblical perspective for the believer. We’ll write more about this CFRG perspective in the weeks to come.