Visions, dreams, thrones (not the "game of” type), lions, and riders on horses - there is enough imagery in the book of Revelation to intimidate the most confident of readers. Yet, I firmly hold that the Lord wants each one of us to see His glory, honor, and power in the book. Revelation, like the rest of the Scriptures, is meant to raise up Jesus in all of His glory. 

People often ask, "Is the book of Revelation relevant to me?” and "Isn’t the book so vague, that it leaves much to interpretation?" I recall a recent conversation where I asked a person about their opinion of the book. They told me that they thought it was difficult to understand, and that no one really knows what it means. I then asked him if he had ever read Revelation, and he replied no. The book may be tough to interpret, but it's impossible to understand if a person hasn’t read it.

With the right tools, biblical community, and a humble approach, every believer can understand and benefit from the book of Revelation. For example, we’re shown in chapter 1, 6 verse 9 that people from every tribe and language and people and nation have been ransomed for God. Knowing this verse, racism is obliterated. Every person is in equal need of the gospel of Christ, and every person comes to the Father only through Christ. We have no position of value over one another. We can’t use our power to inflict harm or push down others. We’re all created in the image of God.

Allow me to give three pieces of input that will be a help over the course of our study:

  1. First, read the Scripture passages before the Sunday morning gathering. See a copy of the tentative schedule below.
  2. Second, if you miss a week, catch up with the online video or podcast. You can stay up-to-date here.
  3. Third, take notes during the messages. By picking up a few simple contextual cues, the book becomes more readable and accessible.

June 5, 2016 // Prologue, 1: 1-20
June 12, 2016 // Letters to the Seven Churches, 2:1- 3:22
June 19, 2016 // Adoration in the Court of Heaven, 4:1- 5:14
June 26, 2016 // The Seven Seals, 6:1- 8:1
July 3, 2016 // The Seven Trumpets, 8:2- 11:19
July 10, 2016 // Conflict Between the Church and the Powers of Evil, 12:1- 14:5
July 17, 2016 // The Seven Last Plagues, 15:1- 16:21
July 24, 2016 // The Fall of Babylon, 17:1- 19:5
July 31, 2016 // The Final Victory, 19:6- 20:15
August 7, 2016 // The New Heaven and New Earth, 21:1- 22:5
August 14, 2016 // Epilogue, 22:6- 21