1.  Icebreaker:

-        How do we know that we love each other?

2. What (did the text say):

-        Read 5:4-5.  How was the world been conquered? What does this mean for us as Christians?

-        5:12 is an absolute imperative.  How does this relate to the moral and theological relativism in our culture today?

-        In 5:13 John shares the purpose of him writing the book.  What is the purpose?  Remember the historical context that has been discussed in past weeks.

3. What Else (does the Bible say in relation to historical / literary context)

-        Look at the underlying themes of 4:7 – 5:20, and conduct a word study.  Note that “love” is repeated in 4:7-5:3;  “testify” and “testimony” is repeated in 5:5-12; and “know” is repeated 5:13-20.  How does love form a basis for a testimony, and testimony form a basis for knowledge?  What other parts of scripture also have these relationships?

-        5:5-12 shares three testimonies of eternal life.  (1) the Spirit, (2) water (incarnation – in the flesh), and (3) blood (the sacrifice; remember the doctrine of propitiation which was studied last week – satisfying the wrath of God).    Remember the gnostic teaching that John was fighting.  How do these three testimonies relate to fighting that belief. 

4. Now What (should we do as a response to the text)  

-        Dustin mentioned those “rich pleasures” in the Lord.  How can we foster this in our community groups.

-        Looking back on the last couple of weeks studying 1 John, which is your most substantial take away.