On Mission With A Little Free Library

At Northside Church, we want our church to live Life on Mission locally and around the world. Part of living life on mission locally is looking around our community and being willing to serve the needs of those around us while sharing the hope of Jesus.  Recently as a church, we have established a relationship with a community in Roswell where we can begin meeting practical needs and sharing life giving hope. Practical needs that are easy to meet like just showing up and hanging with kids so they feel valued or spending time reading a book with seniors who don’t have many people to talk to.  Recently, two 3rd graders at Northside took it upon themselves to do something to meet one of these practical needs. They love reading books and wondered if they could help kids that may not have the same access and opportunity to get books anytime they want. So they decided that a “Little Free Library” was the way to do it. All they had to do is build the free library box and then have books to stock it with. With a little help from their dads, they built the library box and with a little effort on their part, in around 2 months, they collected more than 200 donated books! Now, the library is installed and stocked with books for kids and adults to enjoy anytime they want. So proud of the girls for having an idea, a vision, and the intentionality to see it through to completion! All to meet some simple practical needs for people that matter to Jesus.

Some people have said, “won’t people just vandalize the box or steal the books?” Our answer: yeah, probably, but we’ll fix what gets vandalized and re-stock what gets stolen. Isn’t that what Jesus did for us? We vandalize our hearts and bodies everyday through our sin and we steal His glory by choosing other things over Him. But what does God do? By sending Jesus to die for us, He repairs the vandalism of ourselves and forgives our theft of His glory through his mercy and grace. So now, these two 3rd graders have established a way to display the truths of the gospel to people in our community over and over and over from something as simple as a “Little Free Library”.

If you would like to be part of meeting needs in this part of our community, email Kim Esser or Laura Christopherson at laura.christo10@gmail.com oresserfamilyof4@gmail.com.