1.  Icebreaker:

- Name a time in your life when discipline was really hard.


2. What (did the text say):

- Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17. What does the text say that scripture is useful for?  Compare the different words in your group’s different translations.

- Read Joshua 1:8-9.  What are you called to do with scripture?  What is the result?

- 1 Timothy 4:6 says, “Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness” (NASB).  What’s the purpose of discipline?

3. What Else (does the Bible say in relation to historical / literary context)

- The Bible prescribes both personal and interpersonal spiritual disciplines. There are those spiritual disciplines that we practice alone and those that we practice with other Christians. For example, we are to pray alone. We are also to pray with the church. Both are important.  Which types of disciplines do you do more often?  Why do you think that is?

- Another characteristic of spiritual disciplines are they are practices taught or modeled in the Bible. Otherwise we leave ourselves open to calling anything we want a spiritual discipline. So someone might say: Gardening is a spiritual discipline for me, or exercise is one of my spiritual disciplines, or any other hobby or pleasurable habit they could call a spiritual discipline.  But one of the problems with that is that mindset could tempt someone to say: “Maybe meditation on Scripture works for you, but gardening does just as much for my soul as the Bible does for yours.”  How would you answer this person?

- What’s the difference between spiritual disciplines and the gospel?  Leaders note:  Spiritual disciplines are derived from the gospel, not divorced from the gospel. Rightly practiced, the spiritual disciplines take us deeper into the glories of the gospel of Jesus Christ, not away from it as though we have moved on to some advanced level of Christianity. “The gospel is the ABCs. Now let’s get into the really deep things of God, the spiritual disciplines.” No, that’s incorrect. The spiritual disciplines are derived from the gospel, not divorced from it, and they only take us deeper into an understanding of the gospel.


4. Now What (should we do as a response to the text) 

- Remembering back to the sermon.What spiritual disciplines can you do more as an individual follower of Christ?  As a community group?  As a church?




- What is discipline?

- Why is self-control important?

- Why is important to pray and read the Bible?

- How can we practice spiritual disciplines at home as a family?